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Welcome to 2DNN your one stop place to enhance redesign and enrich your DotNetNuke portal.Please take a look at the services offered. Looking forward to working with you.

  • Photoshop 2 DNN
  • HTML 2 DNN
  • CMS 2 DNN
  • Custom skin design
  • Custom module design and templates
  • Custom jQuery widgets
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    2DNN | Premium skinning services, not just skins!

    Photoshop 2 DNN: Using custom build skinobjects widgets and templates we will convert your Photoshop design to a complete matching DotNetNuke skin. This can be extended with custom jQuery functionality or matching module skins and templates.

    CMS 2 DNN: Because of the large market of other CMS systems like Joomla and Wordpress there are a lot of themes available for them (most come with pre-designed pages and functionality like Portfolio, Gallery, Blog etc. 2DNN's specialty is converting these into DotNetNuke skins.

    Custom skins: If you want something really unique 2DNN works together with talented designers that can turn any of your ideas or concepts in a great design which in turn will be converted to a unique DotNetNuke skin. Which in turn can be extended with other skinning services as mentioned above.

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    Select one of our premium skinning services!

    2DNN conversion: After your design is received conversion will start. The sliced design will be combined with skinobjects and widgets and to top it of, a great SEO optimized menu system and your skin or skins are finalized.

    2DNN skin: A growing collection of pre-made skins are also available. These are designs done by external designers or Joomla and Wordpress templates from other websites and theme clubs that are already converted.

    2DNN design: Based on your wishes a designer will create a design to your liking and upon acceptance this will be converted into a unique DotNetNuke skin. Which in turn can be extended with other 2DNN skinning services.

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    Not just skins, skinobjects widgets and more!

    Skinobjects: Each one of 2DNN's skins ( designed or converted ) comes with a collection of SEO optimized skinobjects for module-title, page-title, breadcrumb and a number of other helpful skinobjects for easier skinning and administration.

    Widgets: Widgets are used to add client-side interactivity to a skin. This includes sliders, galleries and more, because of the way this is set up its very easy for any page editor to add interactivity to a page. This can be used in any module that allows HTML input.

    Module design and templates: More and more 3rd party modules (NewsArticle, PropertyAgent etc. ) but also core module have templating abilities. 2DNN can help you make templates that match your portal's design. If a module does not support templating JavaScript/jQuery can be used to achieve similar results.

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    Testing, documentation and packaging!

    Testing: After we have received your order we will start on your skin conversion or use any of the predefined 2DNN skins and test the skin and any templates that come with it on the latest version of DotNetNuke to make sure everything still works.

    Documentation: Because 2DNN uses a number of custom skinobjects, modules, templates and widgets that are not in a default DotNetNuke install, proper documentation will be included on how to install this in your Portal. You can also order an extra install service.

    Packaging: Now that everything is tested and documented all the individual items will be zipped up and packaged so they can be installed in your DotNetNuke portal without any hassles or problems. Documentation is included for special setup or installation of templates. You have mail :)